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Phoenix Education Group is dedicated to providing comprehensive visa services for Chinese clients who aspire to study, work, visit, travel, or conduct business in Canada. Additionally, we extend our services to Canadian-Chinese clients seeking to travel to the United States and other countries. Our range of services covers various visa types, and our experienced team is committed to delivering professional visa assistance to save you time and enhance your success rate.

B1/B2 Business and Tourism Visa (Non-Immigrant)

The B-1 Business and B-2 Tourism visas are primarily granted to applicants engaging in non-profit business travel (B-1) and those seeking tourist, sightseeing, or medical services (B-2). Whether you are applying for individual business travel (B-1) or individual tourism (B-2), you can directly apply for the combined B-1/B-2 category of U.S. visa. The validity of a U.S. visa is generally ten years, allowing a maximum stay of 180 days per visit.

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