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Phoenix Education Group

Professional Team

Chief Academic Advisor

Dr. Sam Dib

Top-tier University Applications

Dr. DIB has been providing university application guidance for many years, accumulating rich experience in preparing application documents for prestigious universities in the United States, including Ivy League institutions, and renowned universities in the United Kingdom such as Oxford and Cambridge. Tailored application strategies can be crafted based on individual student circumstances.

Chief Academic Advisor

Daniel Thomas Bowyer

Academic Planning and Guidance

Mr. Bowyer has held leadership positions in the Ontario public education system for decades. He is well-versed in the Ontario education system, has an extensive network in the education sector, and possesses rich educational experience. He can provide academic planning and tailor academic development plans for students based on their individual needs.

Chief Career Planning and Investment Advisor

Paul Kearns​

Career Development Planning and Guidance

Mr. Kearns is highly regarded in the fields of education and public affairs, maintaining excellent relationships with relevant departments of the Canadian and Ontario governments and industry experts. With a deep understanding of the Canadian education system, and years of experience working in China, Mr. Kearns can effectively connect the educational needs of Chinese students with relevant Canadian educational resources, providing practical and effective career planning advice for their future.

Investment Planning Guidance

With long-term and friendly collaborations with business elites across various sectors, Mr. Kearns brings rich experience, unique insights, and a vast network in investment planning and business promotion. For new immigrants and graduates aspiring to venture into entrepreneurship, Mr. Kearns can provide professional planning and guidance services.

Chief Career Planning and Investment Advisor

Prof. Sherwin Yu

Career Development Planning and Guidance

Prof. Yu, with a North American education background, has established long-term, stable, and friendly business partnerships with numerous top global enterprises. Proficient in local business operations, his excellent communication skills and unique business perspective enable students to quickly enhance their capabilities and embark on a successful career path in North America.

Investment Planning Guidance

Years of successful entrepreneurial experience and a profound academic background give Prof. Yu exceptional insights into North American entrepreneurship and investment. With extensive experience in company management, market promotion, and more, he can assist immigrants and international students in improving their investment and entrepreneurial skills, significantly increasing their chances of success.

Management Team

Kevin Li - CEO of Phoenix Group

Company Management and Leadership Enhancement

Kevin possesses outstanding management capabilities and has a background in cross-cultural entrepreneurship. This ensures that the company can successfully connect various resources, achieve rapid development, operate in a standardized manner, and maintain a professional international perspective to provide superior services to clients. Additionally, Kevin’s excellent communication skills, successful entrepreneurial experience, and extensive networks in both China and Canada can assist Phoenix Group’s students and immigrant clients in expanding their horizons, enhancing their capabilities, and connecting with more local resources, thereby paving the way for career development and entrepreneurship.

Management Team

Sophie Wang

Market Expansion

With extensive experience in corporate management and market expansion in both China and Canada, Sophie possesses exceptional communication and resource integration skills. This contributes to the continuous exploration and connection of superior resources for the company. Additionally, Sophie has a strong social network in both China and Canada, which can help our clients better adapt to the learning, living, and business environment in Canada and North America, thereby achieving ongoing success.

Senior Education Consultant

Cathy Zhang

Academic Planning and Skill Enhancement Services

With over 20 years of experience in the education industry in both China and Canada, Cathy is familiar with the characteristics and grading requirements of Ontario high school education. She excels in communicating with high school students and can tailor academic and activity plans and resource connections based on students’ personalities, academic levels, and career aspirations. Cathy provides comprehensive planning guidance in academics, psychology, and career development, assisting students in achieving outstanding accomplishments during their high school years.

Application Services for Well-known High Schools and Universities

Cathy can assist students in selecting schools of different types based on their individual situations and characteristics. She provides guidance and support in the application and document preparation process. Cathy has successfully helped numerous students gain admission to well-known public high schools, top private high schools, and prestigious universities in Canada and the top 30 universities in the United States.

Senior Immigration Consultant

Zander Ran

Zander brings several years of experience as an immigration consultant, demonstrating a deep understanding of immigration regulations, specific program details, and operational processes. He has successfully assisted numerous applicants in achieving their immigration goals.

Study to Immigration Programs

Zander is familiar with various study-to-immigration programs and can choose the most suitable immigration program based on the specific circumstances of international students. His expertise helps students maximize their scores and facilitates successful early immigration.

Employer Sponsorship Immigration Programs

For professionals in the Chinese job market, Zander is well-versed in the Canadian business market. He can match applicants with suitable resources, increasing the likelihood of successful immigration through employer sponsorship programs.

Federal Start-Up Visa Program

The Federal Start-Up Visa Program is designed for entrepreneurs capable of establishing a business in Canada. Zander has established good business cooperation with mainstream investment companies, significantly enhancing the success rate for applicants.

Self-Employed Immigration Program

The Self-Employed Immigration Program is suitable for outstanding individuals in the arts and sports fields. Zander has in-depth knowledge of program requirements and operational processes, successfully assisting numerous talented individuals in smoothly immigrating to Canada.

Phoenix Group Director of Operations

Sarah Tang

Establishing Collaborative Relationships with Educational Institutions

Familiar with the Ontario education system and the characteristics of schools at various levels, Sarah can help international students select the most suitable educational resources.

Recruiting Qualified Study Abroad Consultants

With a profound understanding of the key factors for success among local students, Sarah possesses strong academic planning abilities. She can identify and recruit the most qualified study abroad consultants, assisting students in achieving success.

Academic Counseling Consultant

Esteller Li

University Course Selection and Internship Planning Services:

Esteller excelled academically during their university years, accumulating rich learning experiences. They offer personalized course selection and internship planning services to help students successfully navigate their university studies.

Resume Writing and Interview Coaching Services:

With extensive experience in resume writing and interview preparation, Esteller can assist students in launching their careers smoothly.

College and Graduate School Application Guidance Services:

Esteller is familiar with the application processes and requirements of North American universities. They provide reasonable advice on school and program selection and offer guidance throughout the application process.

Academic Counseling Consultant

Grace Liu

High School Course Selection and Activity Design Services:

Grace is familiar with the OSSD system and possesses unique insights into how to enhance both academic and non-academic backgrounds during high school. For students aspiring to apply to prestigious universities, especially renowned business schools, Grace provides personalized high school course selection services based on each student’s situation. Additionally, she offers planning, design, and application services for various extracurricular activities, summer programs, and competitions.

College Application Counseling Services:

Grace is well-versed in the North American college application process and school requirements. She offers reasonable advice on school and major selection for students and provides guidance throughout the application process.

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