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Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

Saskatchewan, located in western Canada, shares borders with Alberta and Manitoba. Known as one of the Prairie Provinces, along with Alberta and Manitoba, it features flat terrain and fertile soil, earning the designation of a natural grain-producing region. Saskatchewan, often referred to as the “Land of Living Skies,” has a total population of 1.17 million. The capital city, Regina, has a population of 236,000, while the largest city, Saskatoon, has a population of 295,000.

SINP is renowned for its open immigration policies, offering favorable conditions for both skilled workers and international students. When it comes to provincial nomination allocation among Canadian provinces, Saskatchewan consistently ranks among the top.

SINP International Skilled Worker - Employment Offer

The International Skilled Worker category with an Employment Offer is a primary program within SINP. This employer-driven skilled migration category aligns with mainstream employer-driven immigration programs across Canadian provinces. Similar to employer-driven immigration programs in other provinces like BC and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, this program allows candidates to apply directly from overseas if they have a job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan.

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