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Canada places great emphasis on education, allocating 7% of its GDP to funding education. The country’s high school education system is well-developed, with excellent quality and a distinguished reputation. Compared to other countries, Canada boasts the highest university enrollment rate. According to Canada’s constitution, education is entirely under the jurisdiction of each province. Therefore, all ten provinces and three territories have their own education systems, implementing policies set by their respective education departments and provincial governments.

Ontario, being a major province in terms of economy and population, has established a comprehensive and highly developed education system. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the economic, technological, and cultural hub of Canada, and it has also become the most advanced region in terms of education in the country. Whether in public high schools or private schools, high school education in Ontario excels.

In Ontario, high school education spans four years starting from Grade 9. To obtain a high school diploma, students need to complete 30 credits, including 18 compulsory credits, 12 optional credits, and 40 hours of community service.

The compulsory courses in Ontario high schools are standardized. Generally, except for English and Mathematics, most of these courses are scheduled to be completed in Grades 9 and 10. Starting from Grade 11, students will choose different elective subjects based on their interests, career aspirations, and the specific requirements of their target universities. The availability of elective courses may vary between schools. If a student’s desired course is not offered at their school or is already full, they have the option to take the course through online classes, night school, or summer school to fulfill the requirements.

Requirements of Public School

In Ontario, public high schools offer two enrollment opportunities each year, which are in September and February. The application deadlines vary by region.

The required application materials may vary depending on the specific region and school district within Ontario:

a. Application Form

b. Copy of Passport or Birth Certificate

c. Letters of Recommendation (to be filled out by teachers, counselors, and principals from the current school)

d. Transcripts from the Last Two Years

e. Information Form for Parents and Canadian Guardian(s) Residing in Canada

f. Copy of Identification for Canadian Guardian(s) Residing in Canada

York Region Public High School

York Region Introduction and Benefits

York Region is an administrative unit within the Greater Toronto Area, encompassing a total of nine cities, all of which are known for their high-quality communities. Residents in this region have high income levels and a high degree of higher education attainment.

The York Region District School Board is a publicly funded school board directly under the Ontario Ministry of Education of the Canadian government. It is well-regarded for its long history, strong faculty, and high-quality education. With a significant Chinese population in the region, along with social stability and convenient living conditions, it is highly favored by both local residents and international students.

Benefits of studying in York Region

  • The York Region District School Board is the third largest and fastest-growing public school board in the province of Ontario. Students consistently achieve top rankings in provincial standardized tests, demonstrating excellent academic performance. 
  • It is a leader in the Canadian Public Education International Alliance and is renowned for its international education programs. The board has a dedicated International Education Services department, providing comprehensive services for international students, known for their professionalism, dedication, high quality, and attentiveness.
  • The region boasts nearly 70 renowned elementary and secondary schools open to international students, providing abundant opportunities for school selection.
  • With a top-notch roster of professional teachers in Ontario, along with the highest-quality teaching resources in public education, the curriculum is comprehensive and scientifically designed, laying a solid foundation for international students to make informed choices for their future university majors. Over the years, the majority of international graduates have gone on to pursue further education at prestigious North American universities.
  • All schools that accept international students offer comprehensive ESL programs, providing the most direct and professional English language improvement initiatives.
  • The region has some of the top school bands and elite sports teams in North America. An array of after-school student clubs and clubs ensures that international students quickly integrate into North American culture and improve their English proficiency.

Introduction to Some Top-Quality Public High Schools in York Region

Benefits of Studying in Canada

Choice of School Type

Public High School



Private High School

In Ontario, there are a wide variety of private schools, which can generally be categorized into the following three types:

Top-tier and High-quality Private High Schools

Top-tier and high-quality private high schools in Ontario have a long-standing history, rigorous academic standards, and commonly offer AP or IB programs. They place a strong emphasis on holistic student development. These schools have a relatively low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing for personalized attention to each child, which effectively aids in their rapid progress.

These schools provide a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities, enabling each student to identify their strengths. Students have the opportunity for well-rounded development, laying a solid foundation for future academic and career pursuits. Additionally, they offer detailed and comprehensive college counseling for every student, leading to higher success rates for graduating seniors.

Graduates from top-tier and high-quality private high schools achieve a 100% university acceptance rate, with a notably high proportion gaining admission to prestigious institutions. As a result, these schools are highly favored by local elite families.

Application and Admission:

Generally, these schools admit students in September each year. The application period is from September of the preceding year to December, and admission results are typically released in February of the following year.

Admission requirements for these schools are extremely strict. They assess applicants based on academic performance, personal characteristics, and family background. They often require SSAT exam scores, or may administer their own exams. Additionally, students and parents will usually be interviewed. The admission rate, especially for international students, is typically very low.

Which Type of Child is Suitable for Top-tier and High-quality Private High Schools?

Top-tier and high-quality private schools offer excellent education, have high-achieving peer groups, and often lead to successful admission into top-tier universities in Canada or worldwide. These schools are well-suited for children with outstanding English proficiency, strong learning abilities, or those who have exceptional talents in a specific area.

Noble Private High Schools

In Ontario, there are quite a few smaller-sized private schools, primarily attended by local middle-class families of Western descent. These schools also offer rigorous education, and due to their smaller size, they can focus more on individual student development. Additionally, they provide a conducive language environment, resulting in a high percentage of graduates being accepted into prestigious universities. Graduates from these schools tend to adapt well in university settings with low dropout rates. Some schools offer curriculums like IB and AP, in addition to the Ontario high school program.

These schools are suitable for high school students in grades 11 or below with a relatively solid foundation in English.

International High School

Canada is a multicultural immigrant country, and Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Each year, a large number of new immigrants move in. As a result, Ontario has a number of high-quality international high schools. These schools primarily cater to international students, with a proportion of Chinese students. The educational system in these schools is more suitable for non-native English speakers who may have weaker English foundations. In addition to academic teachers, they often have residential staff to supervise students’ behavior and help them integrate into Canadian high school life.

International high schools take into consideration that students generally have weaker English proficiency. They offer various specialized English language courses, including IELTS preparation. They also provide after-school tutoring and competition coaching to assist students in their growth.

Recognizing that international students may lack local life experience, international schools arrange various social activities for students. Additionally, they offer detailed and comprehensive college counseling. Therefore, these schools are very suitable for Chinese students who are new to Canada, have weaker English foundations, and some senior students who are studying in Canada.

Boarding International High School

These types of international high schools are typically larger in scale, with a higher proportion of Chinese students. They implement a closed-campus management system and provide comprehensive accommodations and support. This educational model aligns with the learning habits of Chinese international students and is suitable for those who may have difficulty with self-discipline after just arriving abroad and have weaker English foundations.

Day School International High School

The teaching staff consists of certified OCT (Ontario Certified Teacher) instructors. Additionally, there are Chinese residential supervisors provided. Each school offers unique services, such as a dual-teacher system or strong connections with prestigious universities. These schools are suitable for Chinese international students who possess a certain level of self-discipline.

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